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Fine Wine Southern Quest - Southern Hemisphere Wine Tasting


Last week, the "Southern Hemisphere Wine Tasting" hosted by TITLIST was very exciting and professional. The host provided a selection of 44 wines from wineries, such as  Anthonij Rupert (South Africa), McWilliam's (Australia), Prophecy (New Zeland),  Matetic and Terra Mater (Chlie), and Trapiche (Argentina). Also, the exciting quick-on-answer game and blind tasting competition were organized.


Furthermore, Terra Mater and Matetic wineries' representatives, as well as  McWilliam's Asia Pacific general manager were at the event to share their passion for the Southern Hemisphere wines with wine lovers! Evian and DIVIN were the sponsors of the event. DIVIN provided its DV-568DS dual temperature-controlled stainless steel wine cabinet to preserve wines of the event, so that the wines could be maintained at the best drinking temperature.