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About Us

IPC Global Limited

Company Intro.

IPC Global Ltd. (IPCG) was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981, which was one of the export pioneers of Made in Taiwan solid wood machineries at the time. In 1985, IPCG and several Australian distributors created the Woodman Group, which offers a variety of shop equipment to Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries.  

In 1992, IPCG stablished a hardware division that focuses on designing and manufacturing cabinet hardware (knobs, handles, hinges, etc.), furniture fittings and other home improvement products for the international market. In order to have better management in manufacturing and logistics, we relocated to Taichung, Taiwan in 1995. 

As our heritage continues, our dedicated team members are committed to render excellent products and value-added services to customers at home as well as in the global markets.


IPC Global Limited

Company History