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DIVIN x WineTech Adelaide 2019


WineTech Adelaide 2019 is an Australia’s leading wine trade exhibition, which is held only once every three years. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate their latest technique, equipment and services.


After great success of the Good Food & Wine Show Sydney, DIVIN will move to Adelaide to display our four remarkable wine fridges, allowing wine lovers in South Australia to learn more about DIVIN’s products and obtain the information of wine-storage.


Show Info

Time:2019/07/22-07/24 10.00am~

Location:Adelaide Convention Centre


WineTech Official Website:https://reurl.cc/oM3ng

WineTech Official Facebook:https://reurl.cc/ArlQE


Wine lovers please follow DIVIN’s FB & IG to obtain the latest information.

DIVIN FB:http://bit.ly/2RLSglV

DIVIN IG:http://bit.ly/2RLSiKz